Is a serviced apartment cheaper than a hotel?

For many years, both business and leisure travellers have counted on hotels as their primary lodging choice. However, if you want to stay there for more than a few nights, serviced apartments might be a better financial decision. While maintaining the same level of comfort and services, serviced apartments provide more room than hotels. For longer stays, they usually cost less than hotels. Therefore, if you plan to stay in your new hometown for longer than seven days, Here are some reasons why serviced apartments may be more appropriate for your requirements:

Compared to hotels, serviced apartments are more affordable.

When booking for short stays in a big city, serviced apartments are usually less expensive than hotels. Serviced apartments provide more flexibility while still providing the same facilities as a hotel room. Due to the fact that many serviced apartments charge by the week rather than the night, they are also less expensive than hotels for longer visits.

Serviced apartments are cheaper than hotels for long-term stays

Long-term stays are great for serviced apartments. Even though you spend a little bit more than you would in a hotel, it’s still considerably less expensive in the long run, and they offer more privacy and comfort than hotels. For example, renting serviced apartments rather than hotels will save you money if you want to stay in the same location for six months or more, which is rather typical among travellers.

Serviced apartments are also great for people who require these facilities but don’t want to spend extra money on them because they offer more facilities than most hotels do by default, such as laundry services and cooking facilities.

In a serviced apartment, you feel at home.

It will be easier to move around if you are living in a serviced apartment. The facilities are typically larger than those in a hotel room, and you do not have to share the kitchen or living area with other guests. This may be important if you plan to meet guests for dinner or drinks or if you stay for an extended period of time.

Another reason serviced apartments usually cost less than hotels is the privacy they provide. People aren’t packed in close enough as they would be in an apartment complex or hotel room, so you won’t have to worry about sharing your personal space with strangers or hearing unusual noises at all hours of the day and night from other sections of the building.

Serviced apartments also frequently come with more facilities than hotels, including laundry facilities, recreation areas (such as swimming pools), plenty of parking, and 24-hour security guards, so you can feel safe while staying there without having to leave all of your personal items behind when going out at night.

 More Space:

  • In comparison to hotels, serviced apartments offer more personal space.

Serviced apartments have larger rooms than hotels because of their size.In a serviced apartment, you can relax and spread out. Serviced apartments offer more space, better soundproofing, and higher-quality furniture, making them more comfortable to live in. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about waking up early for breakfast every day or rushing into the busy lobby at lunchtime if you choose to prepare your own meals or go out to dine at nearby restaurants!

More Amenities 

  • A serviced apartment has more in-home amenities than a hotel does.

Hotels are less comfortable than serviced apartments. You can feel at home while on vacation because serviced apartments are larger than hotel rooms and have more in-home facilities. A real “home away from home” experience, which may be very hard to find in a hotel setting, is one of the main advantages of serviced apartments.

Serviced apartments not only offer larger living areas, but also a variety of extras to make your stay even more comfortable and useful. These extras range from high-tech amenities like cable TV and Wi-Fi Internet access to standard comforts like laundry facilities and kitchens (or full kitchens).. This means you can enjoy your holiday stress-free and without having to worry about where to get things done.

The cost:

  • Compared to the cost of a hotel room, the cost of a serviced apartment is more flexible.

For longer stays, if you have a pet, if you are travelling with kids, or if you need to cook, serviced apartments are less expensive.

Most serviced apartments charge less per night than a typical hotel room does. However, this discrepancy can reach 50% when comparing similar types of lodging (such as studio apartments). The cost structures of serviced apartments are also more flexible than those of hotels. Some facilities provide lower rates for stays of over six nights, while others provide free WiFi and parking.

 More Comfortable

In general, living costs in a serviced apartment are less expensive than those in a hotel, especially if you stay for an extended period of time. This may be because the landlord is not required to pay for personnel and amenities like power, water, and heating charges, which can add up over time. Additionally, because shared spaces in serviced apartments are smaller than those in hotels, they require less equipment, making them feel more like homes.

Serviced apartments generally provide more privacy than regular hotels in terms of personal space, especially if you’re travelling with kids, pets, or both. Serviced flats frequently offer separate bedrooms, so you won’t have three people sharing a sofa bed or a floor mattress!


Yes, in a sense, that is the answer to this query. For extended stays, serviced apartments may be more affordable than hotels. In addition, they provide more privacy and in-home comforts than hotels do. Serviced flats can have some drawbacks, though. For example, they might not be as glamorous or well-equipped as hotels, and they might be a little more expensive than living at home. Even so, we hope that this article helped you understand your options and make a decision if you’re looking for something in between the two choices.


7 Reasons Serviced Apartments are Great for Special Occasions

There are a lot of reasons to love serviced apartments. They’re comfortable, spacious and convenient. They’re also ideal for business trips, but they can also be a great option for special occasions such as weddings, family gatherings or an office party. Here’s why these self-contained apartments are perfect for your next event:


If you’re traveling with a large group of people, chances are you’ll need more than one hotel room. However, these rooms can get pricey and crowded quickly. One option is to rent a serviced apartment that offers separate bedrooms and living rooms—one or two per person is ideal if your group is big enough to split up into smaller groups throughout the day. This will give everyone their own space at night (and during the day) without having to worry about roommates or other travelers who may not share your same interests or preferences for activities.

Great Locations

Serviced apartments are ideal for special occasions because they provide the perfect balance of comfort and convenience. They’re located in some of the most attractive parts of town, so you can enjoy a relaxing stay with all the modern conveniences you need.

You might want to use serviced apartments for business trips or family holidays, romantic getaways and city breaks, weekend breaks or even longer stays if you want to save money on your accommodation.

Home Comforts

Serviced apartments are similar to hotels in that they offer a range of facilities and services, but they are also different in that they provide a more homely feeling. Most serviced apartments are furnished with comfortable sofas and beds, as well as having all the appliances you need for cooking meals at home. They also have washing machines and dryers so you can do your own laundry—which is something that many people prefer when staying away from home.

Serviced apartments can come with any number of extras depending on what you’re looking for: some might only have basic amenities like Wi-Fi and a TV; others may offer more luxurious extras such as air conditioning.


Serviced apartments are private. They’re not like student housing or a hostel, where you have to share bathrooms and kitchens with other guests. Instead, serviced apartments are the antithesis of that kind of accommodation: they’re designed to give complete privacy and independence to their occupants. If you want to stay out late with friends or family members without worrying about disturbing others in your unit, then a serviced apartment is perfect for this purpose. You can be as loud as you want without anyone hearing it!

Price/Value for Money

If you’re planning a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, serviced apartments are a great choice.

While hotels may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of staying in a hotel, they are often much more expensive than serviced apartments. This is because serviced apartments offer all of the convenience of a hotel without all of the added extras. While hotel rooms might include breakfast and other amenities, these can be provided at an additional charge from your rented apartment instead.


If you want to spend a few hours lounging at the pool, playing some games or getting pampered with a massage, serviced apartments offer more facilities than most hotels. In addition to their accommodation, most serviced apartment buildings also include:

  • Iron & Iron Board, Home Cooked Meal, 
  • Cab on Demand, 
  • Paid Laundry Service, 
  • Entertainment: LED TV with Digital Setup Box 

In addition to these perks that can be enjoyed by guests during their stay at the apartment, many of them also offer cafes or restaurants where guests can enjoy meals throughout the day.


You can stay for a few days or a few months. You can stay for a week, or a month, or longer. You can even stay for just one night if you’re in town on business and need to be close to your office.

Serviced apartments offer flexibility that many other types of accommodation don’t have: they free their tenants from the constraints of their homes by offering them the option to move in and out as often as they require it—and with no long-term commitments required! They also allow guests more freedom than hotels do since it’s not necessary to check out at midday; there is no checkout time!

Serviced Apartments are a smart choice for any occasion.

Serviced apartments are a great choice for any occasion. They are ideal for business trips, special occasions, or even just a weekend away. Serviced apartments can be used by groups of friends or family and they offer an affordable alternative to hotel rooms. They are also a good option if you want to be close to the city center and need somewhere more comfortable than a hostel room.


Serviced apartments are a smart choice for any occasion. They have all the amenities and features of a hotel room, but with more space so that you feel like you’re at home. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, these properties offer privacy and flexibility at an affordable price point.


Choose Luxury Service Apartment when relocating to Gurgaon

Gurgaon, one of the cities in India with the greatest population growth, is renowned for its quick industrialization, tall structures, and expansive malls. Due to its scenic beauty and welcoming atmosphere, it serves as a hub for corporate businesses as well as a significant number of tourists all year long. Finding housing can be difficult at times because so many individuals are moving here to establish a base or even just to visit for business. The good news is that there are many luxurious service apartments available that provide excellent value without sacrificing the high standards of service or essential amenities required by tourists like you!

Affordable price

If you want to relocate to Gurgaon, it’s important to think about where the apartments are located. You should look for an apartment that is close to hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and markets, among other places of interest. It will also be beneficial if your apartment is close to a bus stop or train station.

In this regard, there are numerous choices that can provide you with value for your money. Luxury service apartments, on the other hand, are the best choice for your relocation needs if you want to get the best deal at reasonable prices. Luxury service apartments are a great option for professionals with high standards who want to buy property in India because they have all the latest amenities and are easy to get to from all parts of the city.

Healthy food

There is no doubt that home-cooked meals are the best choice when it comes to healthy eating. You feel better, save money, and eat more healthily when you prepare your own meals at home. Additionally, as we now reside in Gurgaon, there are a tonne of local foods and organic vegetables available, both of which will help keep our kids healthy.

Now, let’s discuss the kind of apartment that would be most appropriate for this way of life: a luxury service apartment. Luxury service apartments, including access control systems, intercom systems with ID cards, and CCTV surveillance cameras that are operational around-the-clock. If you want peace of mind when living in Gurgaon then I recommend opting for these types of properties because they offer enough amenities.

Home like feel

There are a lot of things that come with your new home when you decide to move to Gurgaon. You need to think about all the different aspects of your move, like choosing a place to live and getting used to your new surroundings. For this reason, you might want to think about renting an apartment that isn’t too expensive and has everything you need to feel at home.

The luxury service apartment offers services that are comparable to those found in a home. This means that it makes it simple to get things like food delivery, laundry, and cleaning services, as well as other amenities like Wi-Fi connectivity, security guards available round-the-clock, and other amenities, These apartments are frequently furnished by developers who also provide additional features like furniture (if required), TV sets, etc., so if someone wants to leave soon after renting one, it won’t be difficult for them.

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, it is essential to work with a reputable real estate agent who will assist them in quickly locating their ideal property.

Well Furnished Apartments.

  • Well Furnished Apartments: The Luxury Service Apartment is well furnished with all the necessary amenities and facilities.
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen: The kitchen of each apartment is fully equipped with modern home appliances like microwave oven, refrigerator and gas geyser for cooking.


The luxury service apartments in Gurgaon are designed to cater to the needs of the residents. The high-end apartment buildings have a 24-hour housekeeping service, round-the-clock security, and 24/7 power backup. Moreover, you will also have access to constant water supply and internet connectivity at all times.

luxury service apartment are the best option

If you are moving to Gurgaon for business reasons, luxury serviced apartments are the best option. For business travelers looking for a comfortable and convenient stay, these apartments are good alternative hotels. They are more expensive than regular apartments, but cheaper than hotels.

The owners of luxury serviced apartments take care of many things you need when staying in an apartment: Cleaning service, laundry service, airport pick-up and drop-off service, 24-hour housekeeping service, food delivery from nearby restaurants or grocery stores, advance booking of movie tickets or tickets for events, etc. With such facilities at your disposal, staying in one of these accommodations is very convenient!


If you want to move to Gurgaon, you should consider the luxury service apartments. They are best for business travelers who look for a comfortable and convenient stay. You can find luxury service apartments in many areas of Gurgaon.


Why Serviced Apartments are a Smart Business Choice

Serviced apartments are an ideal choice for business travellers, offering the flexibility and comfort of home. If you’re looking to take a trip that makes the best use of your time and money, then a serviced apartment might be right for you. In this article, we’ll explore some of the benefits of using serviced apartments as well as things to consider before booking one.

Serviced Apartments are comfortable and convenient

Serviced apartments in Gurgaon are a smart business choice because they offer more comfort and convenience than hotels. Hotels only have one type of room, while serviced apartments come with a variety of apartment styles. Some are small studios, while others are larger penthouse apartment suites with private balconies or terraces, which is especially nice when you want to enjoy fresh air and get out of the heat during the summer months in Gurgaon.

Also, if you’re looking for privacy during your stay in Gurgaon without having to worry about noise from neighbors or loud music coming from another room, then serviced apartments are the perfect solution! Serviced apartments offer more space than hotel rooms and this means that you won’t feel cramped like you would if there were two people staying in an average hotel room together (especially if one person likes watching TV on their laptop computer late at night).

Another benefit? Serviced apartments also provide residents with 24-hour service from friendly staff members who can assist them whenever needed—and most importantly provide information about local attractions such as shopping malls or beaches nearby where visitors can go swimming when they need some time away from their busy schedule while still being able to enjoy themselves!

Serviced Apartments offer more flexibility than hotels

Service apartments offer more flexibility when it comes to your business needs. If you’re planning a meeting, you can host meetings in your serviced apartment with ease.

You can also get the best use of the space and equipment by accommodating various attendees.

They are more affordable than hotels and provide great value for money as well as superior comfort for visitors or guests. The savings on accommodation costs are passed on to clients and employees alike, making them an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

A Serviced Apartment is good value for money

Here are some reasons why serviced apartments are a smart business choice:

  • Serviced apartments are cheaper than hotels. If you’re traveling for business, staying in a hotel can be expensive. A night at the Imperial Service Apartments Gurgaon, will set you back 3000 per night. On the other hand, the average price for an extended stay at a serviced apartment ranges between 3000 and 5000 per room per week depending on location and amenities offered. That’s more affordable than staying in a hotel for an extended period of time!
  • Serviced apartments are more affordable than renting property. Even if you use Airbnb as your temporary residence while working abroad for six months or more at one time (like I did), it’s still cheaper to rent out one room from someone who has already purchased their own home rather than taking care of all those expenses yourself while setting up shop somewhere new–and potentially having unexpected costs arise along with them (e.g., excessive cleaning fees). Not only do serviced apartments offer convenience because they come fully furnished with linens/towels provided–they also provide peace-of-mind knowing everything has been taken care of beforehand so there won’t be any surprises later on down the line when trying to find another place before moving back home again!

Serviced apartments give you a home away from home

Serviced apartments are a great way to travel with business or pleasure. They offer you more comfort and independence than hotels, with more privacy and flexibility than renting a house.

Use serviced apartments to get more out of your business trips

Serviced apartments are a great alternative to hotels. We offer more flexibility, value for money and comfort.

Serviced apartments give you a home away from home, giving you the chance to relax in your own space after a long day of meetings or conferences. You can cook meals in your kitchen; enjoy free Wi-Fi and cable TV; even use your washing machine if needed. This makes serviced apartments ideal for business trips where there is not always time to go out for dinner each night or have room service delivered during the day.

You’ll also feel comfortable knowing that your apartment has been professionally cleaned by our staff before you arrive. And with regular thorough checks on all equipment we provide – such as air conditioning units – we’re able to ensure everything is working properly at all times too!


Serviced apartments have been an integral part of business travel since the early 20th century. They’re a great place to relax, catch up on work and get more out of your trip, whether you’re travelling with colleagues or family members. The benefits of having your own apartment are endless!