Opposite Fortis Hospital Gurgaon Near Huda City Centre Metro Station
Opposite Fortis Hospital Gurgaon Near Huda City Centre Metro Station


Are furnished serviced apartments available for rent in Gurgaon?

furnished serviced apartments

Gurgaon is India’s most expensive city. It is one of the top destinations in India. Finding the best furnished serviced apartments for rent in Gurgaon is always a struggle. This post will assist you in locating the ideal location and making it simple for you to rent a furnished apartment in Gurgaon without difficulty.

Choose the best Gurgaon furnished serviced apartments

  • Location: Your apartment’s location can make or break your stay in Gurgaon. You would like to be close to a metro station or a market. A quiet and peaceful neighbourhood, on the other hand, may be excellent for you.
  • Amenities: Some furnished serviced apartments include basic amenities such as daily housekeeping, cooking gas cylinders, and so on, while others feature more advanced amenities such as swimming pools. Before making a final decision on any home that you are fully interested in renting out for a specific period of time. Make sure to examine this aspect at least once every few months or so before choosing which one best suits your needs.

Find the ideal Gurgaon furnished serviced apartments

When looking for a furnished serviced apartment in Gurgaon, there are various factors to consider. These include the following: location, amenities, services, and price.

South Delhi and Noida are the most handy areas, since they are close to the capital city but far enough away from the urban chaos that comes with living in a huge city like New Delhi. If you want to get away from the rush and bustle of city life, Gurgaon is an excellent choice.

Must have Gurgaon furnished  serviced flats.

  • There must be a kitchen and a bathroom in any furnished serviced apartment for rent in Gurgaon. The kitchen should have all of the necessary utensils, such as cutlery, crockery, a microwave oven, and so on. The bathroom should have high-quality taps and fixtures and be clean and hygienic.
  • The living room or drawing room of furnished serviced apartments for rent in Gurgaon should have enough space to properly entertain visitors. As well as additional amenities such as a television set, sofa set, and so on.
  • A bedroom is an important part of every apartment, but it becomes much more vital when it comes to furnished serviced apartments for rent in Gurgaon. They give you a separate bedroom where you can rest after work or simply unwind before going to bed every night. To make your nighttime stay more comfortable, you will need more than just a bed. There should also be adequate storage space available so that you can keep all of your belongings neatly organised rather than having them lying around the place and creating clutter. Which makes the entire room look untidy overall.

Unfurnished serviced apartments for rent in Gurgaon should have

Before making a decision, it is important to confirm the amenities stated by the property management while renting an unfurnished apartment in Gurgaon. These standard facilities ought to be also included in a furnished apartment:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Living room with a dining table and chairs
  • Balcony or terrace

While living in a crowded city like Gurgaon, you can benefit from a breath of fresh air thanks to the landlord’s offered seating areas (if accessible). In some situations, it might be possible to locate an apartment with only a patio separating two rooms or areas. If so, then having access to such space will simplify life for residents who cannot step out onto their balcony without having to use steps, wooden planks, etc. This can become dangerous during monsoons or other weather conditions when rainwater gushes down from above and into open balconies, causing accidents due to slipping on wet surfaces, etc. So always check whether there is any particular issue regarding safety measures before deciding upon renting out an unfurnished serviced apartment.

Research the top furnished serviced apartments

By conducting some research first, you can find the best furnished serviced apartments for rent in Gurgaon.

You should start by conducting research. Finding the best furnished serviced apartments for rent in Gurgaon is important. You can conduct your own research, read reviews, and speak with friends who have visited the area. When deciding which property will best suit your needs, the more knowledge you have, the better off you will be.


We really hope that this post has assisted you in your search for the top Gurgaon furnished serviced apartments for rent. Do your homework first, then select the one that best suits your requirements and financial situation.