Opposite Fortis Hospital Gurgaon Near Huda City Centre Metro Station
Opposite Fortis Hospital Gurgaon Near Huda City Centre Metro Station


Best Ways For You To Enjoy Your Stay At 1 BHK Serviced Apartment

1 BHK Serviced Apartment

If you are looking for a stay which is not limited to a hotel room, 1 BHK Serviced Apartment could be the solution. Especially if you are looking for a place that has the amenities and facilities of home, then serviced apartments will provide such experience.

Serviced apartments usually offer all the facilities that might be required for your stay including cooking wares, ovens, refrigerators and microwaves.

Besides these, they also provide laundry facility or dry cleaning services or Wi-Fi facility which makes your stay relaxing as well as hassle-free.

Moreover, some of these apartments also come with gymnasiums and swimming pool which make it an ideal place to live in.

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy your stay

Still have the freedom to roam around and explore the city, it is time that you choose a serviced apartment. There are many benefits of living in a 1 BHK serviced apartment in Gurgaon.

1. You will get top-notch service: A serviced apartment offers 24/7 customer service with an onsite manager and housekeeping staff who will make sure that your stay is enjoyable.

2. Travel hassle-free: When staying in a 1 BHK serviced apartment, traveling from the airport to your home becomes easy since all of them offer airport shuttle service or onsite parking for their residents.

3. You are in close proximity to shopping centers, restaurants, schools, and hospitals: Residing in a 1 BHK serviced apartment means that you can enjoy the luxuries of city life without having to give up on the comfort of your own home.

4. Keeps Your Personal Life Private: A

A one-bedroom serviced apartment is an excellent option for those who are looking to save on money, space and maintenance.

Moreover, the apartment comes with all basic amenities which allows the user to have a comfortable stay away from their home.

Some of the high-end facilities that one can get while staying at 1 BHK serviced apartment are:

Pool, Sauna, Steam Room, Gymnasium and more.

Serviced apartments are not just a temporary stay but can be a place you call your own. The best thing about serviced apartments is that it provides apartment facilities at the fraction of the cost you would spend if you had to buy or rent a property.

With increasing real-estate prices, more and more people are preferring serviced apartments as alternative to staying in hotels. In many places, it is already difficult to find accommodation for sale or rent with the availability dropping from 0% to 5%. Serviced apartments offer an alternative for those who want an affordable and convenient stay in any city.

The 1 BHK Serviced Apartments in Gurgaon are equipped with all basic amenities that a family needs to live in.

These apartments not only provide perfect accommodation facilities but also offer a healthy working environment for people who are new to metro cities.

So, if you are planning to shift to the city, this could be your best option for staying.

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Some of the best ways for you to enjoy your stay at 1 BHK serviced apartments are:

-You can enjoy the luxurious and spacious living room.

-There is a chance for you to use the latest technology.

-You will also be able to experience an exciting and stupendous work environment.

Stay at 1 BHK serviced apartment in Gurgaon features a comfortable stay in the city of Gurgaon. You can now enjoy your stay in an elegant and serene environment with all the conveniences and amenities you need while not having to worry about managing or cleaning up your space.

The apartments are equipped with a range of amenities, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, cable TV connection, and kitchenette. You can order food from the restaurant on site or simply cook it yourself with all the utensils that are given to you on rent.

If you are looking for an affordable and comfortable stay in Gurgaon, then an apt in Gurgaon would be a perfect option.

Gurgaon is one of the fastest growing cities in India and it is also known as the Gurugram. The city offers a safe, secure, comfortable, and convenient place to stay.

If you are looking for a serviced apartment that can provide all the amenities including luxury apartments with one bedroom, two bedrooms or three bedrooms at affordable prices then where to stay in Gurgaon would be your best bet.

A 1 BHK Serviced Apartment will offer all the amenities like a kitchen with modern appliances, living room, and dining area, balcony/terrace overlooking lap pools, or a poolside garden area with a BBQ corner to make your stay more comfortable.


Living in a 1 BHK apartment will give you the best experience of living like a true memory. The flat is compact, airy, and well-maintained. Apart from this, you also get access to all the amenities that are usually not available with most apartments in the city:

But if you really want to enjoy your stay at 1 BHK serviced apartment, then it was few things that you need to keep in mind.