Opposite Fortis Hospital Gurgaon Near Huda City Centre Metro Station
Opposite Fortis Hospital Gurgaon Near Huda City Centre Metro Station


Why are Serviced Apartments better than Hotels?

serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are superior to hotels for many reasons. Many hoteliers feel insecure since serviced apartments have entered the market and an increasing number of people have started choosing the former accommodation option. There are several good reasons why people are choosing the new kind of accommodation. For personalized services, business travelers, leisure tourists, and medical tourists prefer serviced apartments over hotels. When I stayed in Gurgaon recently, I also picked a posh apartment and it was great!

A welcome breakfast was provided, as well as housekeeping on-site, an individual kitchenette, WiFi, digital TV connection, and a personal concierge. I felt at home while staying in the Imperial Apartments in Gurgaon. Unlike hotels, one can enjoy personalized services and personal time without any disturbance.

Why are serviced apartments better than hotels? What makes them so popular? Read on to find out.

Living like a king is possible:

Apartments offer some of the most personalized services including round-the-clock concierges, personal housekeepers, king-size beds, residential-style homes, gyms, spas, and more.

As if you were at home:

This is the major advantage of serviced apartments over hotels. With a personal kitchenette, comfortable bedrooms, and spacious living room, one can feel at home and enjoy all the comforts of home.

Temporary housing is the only option:

Serviced apartments are also known as temporary housing. Relocating to a new comes a challenge for several reasons. If you have a serviced apartment, you can enjoy work, family, and leisure without any hassles.

You can avoid a lot of expenses by following these steps:

As a result of staying in another city, you have several miscellaneous expenses, such as laundry, internet, dinner, lunch, and breakfast. Rental apartments, however, provide personal laundry services and kitchenettes, so you don’t have to worry about these costs.

More space & privacy:

Despite burning a hole in our pockets, we book hotels frequently but receive little privacy or space. However, serviced apartments provide plenty of both. You will find that these apartments come fully equipped with cupboards, large bedrooms, spacious living rooms, sitting terraces, a kitchenette, and attached bathrooms to add comfort and style to your stay.

Wifi that is uninterruptible:

The free Wi-Fi offered in hotels is very slow and unavailable most of the time. If you want to receive a network connection, you must be on the terrace or in the reception area. Private apartments are not in this category. In the comfort of your bedroom, you can enjoy round-the-clock Wi-Fi.

Comfort & Convenience unsurpassed:

Serviced apartments provide both of these features in abundance. The kitchen can be used as a kitchen any time of the day; you can do your laundry whenever is convenient and invite friends without much effort if you feel hungry in the middle of the night.

The last but certainly not least benefit of serviced apartments is that they are ideal for all types of tourists, including medical tourists, leisure tourists, and business tourists alike. You won’t feel like you’re in a hotel. Offering a range of personalized services, it is a home away from home.