Top Reasons to Opt Service Apartments in Gurgaon Over a Hotel for Your Medical Visit

Everyone knows that India is one of the leading countries for medical treatment in the world and, many people from all around the world come here for treatments like heart surgery, organ transplants, and many other treatments.

The main reason why people travel to India for medical treatment is the cost of medical treatment is significantly less than in western countries.

But when a patient ahead towards India for medical treatment the biggest problem they face is finding the accommodation. We know various options like, hotels and guest house are available but many issues are there in them which make them unsuitable choice.

The cost, the unbiased services, incapability to cook, lack of space are the problems one has to face while staying in a hotel or guest house. And in this situation, the service apartments in Gurgaon or everywhere in the world become the first choice for every traveler.

Few Best features of Service Apartmenys

Ample Space

In service apartments, you need not compromise with a small single room. Instead in fully-furnished service apartments, you will feel like your own home. You’ll get access to ample space with a dining area too. Serviced apartments are available in various sizes varying from studio to 2 BHK apartments.

Fully Equipped Modular Kitchen

Medical tourists are prescribed special care and food by the doctor that is not possible to avail of a hotel or guest house. But, in service apartments, the guest gets a fully-equipped kitchen with all cooking essentials like utensils, stovetop, refrigerator, and microwave, etc. allow them to cook themselves as per their choice.

Affordable than Hotels or Guest Houses

In hotels, you need to pay for every tiny service. But in service apartments, you get many facilities complimentary like breakfast, 24X7 room service, high-speed WiFi, laundry services, housekeeping, and linen changes, etc. The rental of service apartments is much less than hotels or guest houses.

Hence, the choice of service apartments is best over the hotels. Imperial Apartments offers luxury serviced apartments in Gurgaon catering to medical tourists across the world.

At Imperial service, apartments know the specific needs of medical tourists and offer services as per them to make their stay comfortable or hassle-free.

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