Opposite Fortis Hospital Gurgaon Near Huda City Centre Metro Station
Opposite Fortis Hospital Gurgaon Near Huda City Centre Metro Station

Service Apartments in Gurgaon - The Best Alternative to Hotels

Enquire now for service apartments in Gurgaon Spacious, fully furnished and cost effective alternative to hotel rooms for short or long stays.

Service Apartments in Gurgaon:

When planning a stay in Gurgaon, service apartments are seen as the best alternative to hotel rooms. These apartments are used for stays ranging from a single night to a year or more, providing an excellent option for both short- and long-term accommodation. More space is offered by service apartments compared to the confined spaces typical of hotel rooms, allowing for a more comfortable and home-like experience. Gone are the days of cramped quarters with minimal amenities; a refreshing change to the concept of temporary living spaces is brought by service apartments.

A budget Substitute to hotel rooms

Service apartments in Gurgaon are provided as a cost-effective solution compared to traditional hotel rooms. One of the standout features is the ability to cook meals and do laundry, which can lead to significant savings. For those who prefer the convenience of laundry and food services, both options are available at a lower cost than what would typically be found in hotels. This flexibility and range of options make service apartments an appealing choice for various types of travelers.

Why Choose Service Apartments Over Hotel Rooms?

Whether a lengthy vacation with family or a business trip is being embarked upon, a comfortable and convenient stay is ensured by service apartments in Gurgaon. These accommodations are particularly well-suited for extended stays, providing all the comforts of home along with the amenities expected from high-quality lodgings.

Fully Furnished Service Apartments in Gurgaon

Known for its high cost of living, Gurgaon presents a challenge when finding affordable yet comfortable accommodation. Hotel rooms are often expensive, and renting an unfurnished apartment comes with its own set of difficulties, such as the need to purchase essential household items. This hassle is eliminated by fully furnished service apartments in Gurgaon that provide everything needed, from a refrigerator and smart TV to a washing machine and kitchen utensils. Moving in is straightforward and stress-free, without the substantial upfront cost of furnishing an apartment.

Better for Business Travelers

Service apartments in Gurgaon are particularly advantageous for business travelers. Unlike hotel rooms, which cater to a broad audience, a more tailored experience is offered by these apartments, replicating the comforts of home. Ample space is provided, allowing work to be done efficiently and relaxation to be enjoyed comfortably. The provision of multiple hot drinks and the availability of separate areas for meetings make them a practical choice for business engagements.

Practical meeting spaces

Hosting a meeting in a service apartment is seen as far more practical than in a typical hotel room. The spacious environment means personal items do not need to be cleared to make room for guests. This setup is ideal for informal meetings, providing a comfortable and professional atmosphere without the constraints of a small, cluttered space.

Additional Benefits of Service Apartments

A host of benefits are offered by service apartments that make them a superior choice for many travelers. For instance, they offer:

Fully furnished living spaces: The comfort and convenience of home are enjoyed with all necessary furnishings provided.

Luxury options: An upscale experience can be opted for with luxury service apartments in Gurgaon.

Variety in apartment sizes: Options like 1 BHK or 2 BHK service apartments in Gurgaon can be chosen to fit specific needs.

Long-term stay options: perfect for those needing service apartments in Gurgaon for a long stay.

Short-term rental flexibility: ideal for those seeking service apartments in Gurgaon for rent for shorter periods.

Homely environment: A home-like atmosphere is enjoyed, making the stay in Gurgaon pleasant and stress-free.


Imperial Apartments is a pioneer in offering preferred service apartments in Gurgaon, increasingly chosen by both business and leisure travelers. We provide a unique blend of comfort, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, making us the perfect alternative to a traditional hotel stay. Whether you are staying for a few days or several months, Imperial Apartments ensures a great experience that caters to all your needs.

What are service apartments?

Service apartments are fully furnished accommodations that offer more space and amenities than traditional hotel rooms. They are available for both short-term and long-term stays, providing a home-like environment.

Why should I choose a service apartment over a hotel room in Gurgaon?

Service apartments offer several advantages over hotel rooms, including more space, the ability to cook your own meals, do your own laundry, and generally lower costs for extended stays. They provide a comfortable and homely environment, making them ideal for both leisure and business travelers.

Are service apartments in Gurgaon fully furnished?

Yes, service apartments in Gurgaon are fully furnished. They come equipped with essential amenities such as a refrigerator, smart TV, washing machine, kitchen utensils, bed, sofa set, dining table, and more.