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Is a serviced apartment cheaper than a hotel?

serviced apartment cheaper

For many years, both business and leisure travellers have counted on hotels as their primary lodging choice. However, if you want to stay there for more than a few nights, serviced apartments might be a better financial decision. While maintaining the same level of comfort and services, serviced apartments provide more room than hotels. For longer stays, they usually cost less than hotels. Therefore, if you plan to stay in your new hometown for longer than seven days, Here are some reasons why serviced apartments may be more appropriate for your requirements:

Compared to hotels, serviced apartments are more affordable.

When booking for short stays in a big city, serviced apartments are usually less expensive than hotels. Serviced apartments provide more flexibility while still providing the same facilities as a hotel room. Due to the fact that many serviced apartments charge by the week rather than the night, they are also less expensive than hotels for longer visits.

Serviced apartments are cheaper than hotels for long-term stays

Long-term stays are great for serviced apartments. Even though you spend a little bit more than you would in a hotel, it’s still considerably less expensive in the long run, and they offer more privacy and comfort than hotels. For example, renting serviced apartments rather than hotels will save you money if you want to stay in the same location for six months or more, which is rather typical among travellers.

Serviced apartments are also great for people who require these facilities but don’t want to spend extra money on them because they offer more facilities than most hotels do by default, such as laundry services and cooking facilities.

In a serviced apartment, you feel at home.

It will be easier to move around if you are living in a serviced apartment. The facilities are typically larger than those in a hotel room, and you do not have to share the kitchen or living area with other guests. This may be important if you plan to meet guests for dinner or drinks or if you stay for an extended period of time.

Another reason serviced apartments usually cost less than hotels is the privacy they provide. People aren’t packed in close enough as they would be in an apartment complex or hotel room, so you won’t have to worry about sharing your personal space with strangers or hearing unusual noises at all hours of the day and night from other sections of the building.

Serviced apartments also frequently come with more facilities than hotels, including laundry facilities, recreation areas (such as swimming pools), plenty of parking, and 24-hour security guards, so you can feel safe while staying there without having to leave all of your personal items behind when going out at night.

 More Space:

  • In comparison to hotels, serviced apartments offer more personal space.

Serviced apartments have larger rooms than hotels because of their size.In a serviced apartment, you can relax and spread out. Serviced apartments offer more space, better soundproofing, and higher-quality furniture, making them more comfortable to live in. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about waking up early for breakfast every day or rushing into the busy lobby at lunchtime if you choose to prepare your own meals or go out to dine at nearby restaurants!

More Amenities 

  • A serviced apartment has more in-home amenities than a hotel does.

Hotels are less comfortable than serviced apartments. You can feel at home while on vacation because serviced apartments are larger than hotel rooms and have more in-home facilities. A real “home away from home” experience, which may be very hard to find in a hotel setting, is one of the main advantages of serviced apartments.

Serviced apartments not only offer larger living areas, but also a variety of extras to make your stay even more comfortable and useful. These extras range from high-tech amenities like cable TV and Wi-Fi Internet access to standard comforts like laundry facilities and kitchens (or full kitchens).. This means you can enjoy your holiday stress-free and without having to worry about where to get things done.

The cost:

  • Compared to the cost of a hotel room, the cost of a serviced apartment is more flexible.

For longer stays, if you have a pet, if you are travelling with kids, or if you need to cook, serviced apartments are less expensive.

Most serviced apartments charge less per night than a typical hotel room does. However, this discrepancy can reach 50% when comparing similar types of lodging (such as studio apartments). The cost structures of serviced apartments are also more flexible than those of hotels. Some facilities provide lower rates for stays of over six nights, while others provide free WiFi and parking.

 More Comfortable

In general, living costs in a serviced apartment are less expensive than those in a hotel, especially if you stay for an extended period of time. This may be because the landlord is not required to pay for personnel and amenities like power, water, and heating charges, which can add up over time. Additionally, because shared spaces in serviced apartments are smaller than those in hotels, they require less equipment, making them feel more like homes.

Serviced apartments generally provide more privacy than regular hotels in terms of personal space, especially if you’re travelling with kids, pets, or both. Serviced flats frequently offer separate bedrooms, so you won’t have three people sharing a sofa bed or a floor mattress!


Yes, in a sense, that is the answer to this query. For extended stays, serviced apartments may be more affordable than hotels. In addition, they provide more privacy and in-home comforts than hotels do. Serviced flats can have some drawbacks, though. For example, they might not be as glamorous or well-equipped as hotels, and they might be a little more expensive than living at home. Even so, we hope that this article helped you understand your options and make a decision if you’re looking for something in between the two choices.