Opposite Fortis Hospital Gurgaon Near Huda City Centre Metro Station
Opposite Fortis Hospital Gurgaon Near Huda City Centre Metro Station


The Top Best Service Apartments in Gurgaon For Medical Tourism visitors

About Gurgaon

This city is endowed with best, multinational corporate office hub and shopping malls also; Gurgaon is emerging as an IT hub too.

Gurgaon a fastest growing cities in the world, and which is also closer to be compared with any developed cities in the world. The infrastructure, business, medical and the facilities of this city are growing day by day.

Infrastructure & Growth

Vibrant city scene with cars and skyscrapers under a starry sky

As Gurgaon is growing in its fastest pace, so the infrastructure and development is also going on simultaneously and here the city has  some of the Top Hospitals in Gurgaon are Fortis Hospital, Max Health Care, Medanta Medicity, Paras Hospital, Artemis Hospital, and many more… which has made Gurgaon a hub for medical tourism.

Hospitals in Gurgaon

Fortis Hospital Gurgaon

The presence of these Multispecialty Hospitals in Gurgaon has given a sharp rise of Medical Tourism in the city, also these hospitals are located within 20 K.m from the International Airport; which make the International and National patients reach the hospital on the priority.

The availability of land and closer to Delhi has helped this city to grow and develop the infrastructure and that’s why the Healthcare sector found its space to develop the world class hospitals and corporate building for office spaces, shopping malls etc..

Tourism in Gurgaon

Icon showing Medical tourism in Gurgaon - world-class healthcare facilities and affordable prices

Tourisms are also one of the fastest growing tourism sectors in Gurgaon. This city has various type of tourism and one of the tourism is Medical Tourism. Initially Gurgaon had business tourism but now medical tourism has increased sharply.

This city is has proficient doctors and World Class Multi Specialty Hospitals with very at an affordable price.

Patients not only from the neighboring countries visit India for medical treatments but also from the different parts of the world patients come to Gurgaon to avail the medical treatment for their family members.

Service Apartments near Fortis Hospital

The rise of service apartment is given by the medical tourism sector. Patients come from different parts of the word for medical treatment and they require an accommodation which is fully furnished, also closer from the hospitals to stay for a longer period of time.

Here the service apartments in Gurgaon come into existence; these service apartments are designed as per the requirements of the patients, who need comfort and care.

These service apartments provides some basic but very essential facilities like lifts, wheelchair, side bars, security alarm to report emergency etc…

To stay for longer period these international patients usually comes with their family and they need a private accommodation with all the facilities just like their home.

A hotel room showcasing a comfortable bed, a convenient refrigerator, and a television for your entertainment needs.

These service apartments are fully furnished just like a ready to move-in flat which also includes the kitchen and kitchenette so that they can cook their own food and get some homely feeling.

Some service apartments operates just like any 5 star hotels and provides 24/7 room service, security, CCTV, housekeeping, in-house kitchen to serve the guests. They prepare food as per the guest’s requirement.

These service apartments are located at vey prime location in Gurgaon to cater both medical visitors and corporate guests too. Being situated at the prime location in city, it makes the visitors to travel faster to the prime locations of the city.

These few important factors of the service apartments attract the visitors to choose service apartment instead the hotel.

Therefore, These service apartments’ facilities are no less than any five star Hotels and travelers for long and short stay prefer staying at service apartments and comfort, convenience and service offered by the city’s service apartments in Gurgaon.


Gurgaon is becoming the most preferred location for medical travelers as it has all the leisure of multiplexes, shopping malls within the proximity. Soon Delhi will be left behind.

Note: Please contact us for booking of  fully furnished service apartments in Gurgaon.

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