7 Reasons Serviced Apartments are Great for Special Occasions

There are a lot of reasons to love serviced apartments. They’re comfortable, spacious and convenient. They’re also ideal for business trips, but they can also be a great option for special occasions such as weddings, family gatherings or an office party. Here’s why these self-contained apartments are perfect for your next event:


If you’re traveling with a large group of people, chances are you’ll need more than one hotel room. However, these rooms can get pricey and crowded quickly. One option is to rent a serviced apartment that offers separate bedrooms and living rooms—one or two per person is ideal if your group is big enough to split up into smaller groups throughout the day. This will give everyone their own space at night (and during the day) without having to worry about roommates or other travelers who may not share your same interests or preferences for activities.

Great Locations

Serviced apartments are ideal for special occasions because they provide the perfect balance of comfort and convenience. They’re located in some of the most attractive parts of town, so you can enjoy a relaxing stay with all the modern conveniences you need.

You might want to use serviced apartments for business trips or family holidays, romantic getaways and city breaks, weekend breaks or even longer stays if you want to save money on your accommodation.

Home Comforts

Serviced apartments are similar to hotels in that they offer a range of facilities and services, but they are also different in that they provide a more homely feeling. Most serviced apartments are furnished with comfortable sofas and beds, as well as having all the appliances you need for cooking meals at home. They also have washing machines and dryers so you can do your own laundry—which is something that many people prefer when staying away from home.

Serviced apartments can come with any number of extras depending on what you’re looking for: some might only have basic amenities like Wi-Fi and a TV; others may offer more luxurious extras such as air conditioning.


Serviced apartments are private. They’re not like student housing or a hostel, where you have to share bathrooms and kitchens with other guests. Instead, serviced apartments are the antithesis of that kind of accommodation: they’re designed to give complete privacy and independence to their occupants. If you want to stay out late with friends or family members without worrying about disturbing others in your unit, then a serviced apartment is perfect for this purpose. You can be as loud as you want without anyone hearing it!

Price/Value for Money

If you’re planning a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, serviced apartments are a great choice.

While hotels may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of staying in a hotel, they are often much more expensive than serviced apartments. This is because serviced apartments offer all of the convenience of a hotel without all of the added extras. While hotel rooms might include breakfast and other amenities, these can be provided at an additional charge from your rented apartment instead.


If you want to spend a few hours lounging at the pool, playing some games or getting pampered with a massage, serviced apartments offer more facilities than most hotels. In addition to their accommodation, most serviced apartment buildings also include:

  • Iron & Iron Board, Home Cooked Meal, 
  • Cab on Demand, 
  • Paid Laundry Service, 
  • Entertainment: LED TV with Digital Setup Box 

In addition to these perks that can be enjoyed by guests during their stay at the apartment, many of them also offer cafes or restaurants where guests can enjoy meals throughout the day.


You can stay for a few days or a few months. You can stay for a week, or a month, or longer. You can even stay for just one night if you’re in town on business and need to be close to your office.

Serviced apartments offer flexibility that many other types of accommodation don’t have: they free their tenants from the constraints of their homes by offering them the option to move in and out as often as they require it—and with no long-term commitments required! They also allow guests more freedom than hotels do since it’s not necessary to check out at midday; there is no checkout time!

Serviced Apartments are a smart choice for any occasion.

Serviced apartments are a great choice for any occasion. They are ideal for business trips, special occasions, or even just a weekend away. Serviced apartments can be used by groups of friends or family and they offer an affordable alternative to hotel rooms. They are also a good option if you want to be close to the city center and need somewhere more comfortable than a hostel room.


Serviced apartments are a smart choice for any occasion. They have all the amenities and features of a hotel room, but with more space so that you feel like you’re at home. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, these properties offer privacy and flexibility at an affordable price point.


Service apartment in Gurgaon on rent


Service apartment in Gurgaon are now a booming trend among the urban population. Apart from the regular amenities of a hotel, these apartments also offer self-catering facilities and a laundry service. These apartments come with all the modern-day gadgets and tools, which can be used for entertaining oneself during leisure hours. These apartments are within proximity to various social hubs such as malls, hospitals, multiplexes, and malls other entertainment spots that make living on rent easier and more convenient.

Getting a rent service apartment in Gurgaon can be expensive with the living space and amenities that they are providing.

The demand for service apartment in Gurgaon has increased rapidly in recent years. This is because of the high living costs and the lack of suitable accommodation options that many people face when they move to Gurgaon. There is a lot of competition between landlords, which has led to an increase in prices and pushed many people to find alternatives like rent service apartment in Gurgaon to accommodate their needs.

Service apartments are the best in Gurgaon as they are strategically located. These apartments offer access to all important landmarks and business districts of the city.

The service apartments have services such as 24×7 security, laundry, maid services, concierge service, and a well-equipped gym. The rooms are air-conditioned and well-furnished for maximum comfort of the guests.

Gurgaon is an emerging city and it is one of the most preferred destinations for people who are looking for a service apartment for rent.

Many people are looking for a good apartment in Gurgaon.

But, they may not know where to start their search. Naturally, new arrivals want to stay close to their workplaces or colleges. They don’t want to break their habits of staying near their friends and family too.

A serviced apartment is a type of apartment that offers more amenities than a traditional apartment. And the rent for such apartments is usually higher. Service apartments offer laundry service, gym, swimming pool, and many more services.

The demand for service apartments in Gurgaon is on the rise as the lifestyle of people has changed. A major portion of the population now prefers to stay in Gurgaon and work from their home rather than travel to New Delhi for work. This increase in demand has been catered to by rental agencies who have been opening up their booking quota for commercial rentals every day and offer efficient help to people who want to live near the office or just want to stay closer to their loved ones.

A serviced apartment in Gurgaon can be the perfect solution for people who want to find accommodation with serviced facilities at an affordable price.

They are primarily meant for people whose stay duration is less than 6 months, but they can also be a great option for long-term stayers.

The apartments in service apartments may not offer a lot of privacy and they are limited to the basic amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom, and a small living room. But this kind of arrangement is perfect for short stays.

If you are looking for a high-quality service apartment in Gurgaon, you can take your pick from our list and book it. The apartments are furnished with amenities such as wifi and appliances.

Who needs to look for apartments in Gurgaon? Well, people who have come to Gurgaon for work don’t want to spend too much on living arrangements. With the increasing number of working professionals coming to this city, there is a surge in demand for service apartments.

Some people come from far-off places like Delhi or Bangalore and find it difficult to manage the commute every day. So they prefer these types of accommodations because they are closer to their workplace than an ordinary apartment would be.

In Gurgaon, the location of the service apartment is very ideal for many reasons.

First, it is situated near all the shopping malls and commercial centers and also near to HUDA City Centre metro station and DLF Golf Course metro station service apartment in Gurgaon for rent will be perfect not only for individuals but also for organizations. It can be used by people who have just moved to Delhi or are visiting Delhi on a short-term basis such as tourists or students. It will enable them to save on living costs due to its low rates and good location.


Gurgaon, earlier known as Gurugram, is a planned city in India and the largest in the National Capital Region. It was established in 1956 as one of the ten districts in Haryana, near New Delhi. Gurgaon is an upcoming real estate hub and a popular choice for service apartments.

With its new developing residential areas, Gurgaon gives you more options for living and offers the best in terms of safety and security. Service apartment in Gurgaon are available with all modern amenities like an internet facility, swimming pool, power backup facility, etc.

Some of these apartment complexes provide residential facilities on rent with all modern amenities like a swimming pool, power backup facility, etc.